Meet the VA!

Hey there!

My name is Sarah, the gal behind this little virtual assistant business! To start here are some facts:

  • I am Canadian (eh!)

  • My little pup is everything to me - I am the proudest dog mom you will ever come across!

  • I have a great love bananas

These facts are integral to who I am as a person (yes, including the bananas)! Jumping to education and business, I have a degree in communications. When I was little, I always imagined myself being an assistant to an A lister (I was a big fan of celebrity culture). I was dead set on launching a career in PR and tailored my last two years of my degree to specific courses and internships to gain experience. Well, this dream lasted a whole 8 months. Yup, that short! I was confused about where I was taking my career, so I ended up landing a job in marketing and advertising as an Account Coordinator for the pharmaceutical industry…the complete opposite to the beauty products I was packaging for influencers just a month before. I loved the administration, organization and analytics of the job and moved up the ranks quickly to Account Manager, but the same thing happened. I ended up quitting after a year and taking some time for myself to figure out my path in life. That was hard, very hard. I took a leap of faith and went back to school for psychology and it was the best decision I ever made. I love learning, I’m a big nerd so this was right up my alley!

Now, juggling school and work has never been difficult for me. I am a master at time management and LOVE deadlines (I know, very rare)! Organization and workflows are my bread and butter and I searched for a way to incorporate that into my job while I focus on studies. I stumbled upon the VA route and have not turned back since. I have poured my heart and soul into this little business and I am loving every minute of it - cheesy, but true! I love creating seamless and efficient workflows for the back-end of businesses for creative entrepreneurs so they can put their energy and focus to what they do best, creating!

I wholeheartedly believe that you can create your dream life if you work for it!

Moving on to the topic of this blog and what exactly am I going to write about. I am fascinated with psychology and love learning how it integrates with the workplace (at-home or office). I want to explore and delve deeper into topics that revolve around becoming your best self as an entrepreneur! Yes, a little more science-y, but like I said I am very much a nerd. I will of course be sharing my entrepreneurial journey as I grow this itty bitty business. That’s the gist of it!

If you would like to say, I would love to say hi back in the comments!

Have a lovely day and see you soon!

Sarah + Luther the pup